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Linkedin Headquarter | Opal 3L

Dublin, Ireland

Opal 3L

Architect: RKD Architects
Agent: Kavanaghs

Linkedin’s new stand-alone headquarters covers 17,600 square metres south of Dublin and is dedicated to EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) operations. 
The campus is spread over five open-plan floors, alternating large corridors, public spaces and commercial facilities, under the theme of connectivity, socialisation and collaboration. The impressive building with its immense glass facades is surrounded by long corridors illuminated by patterned Folio Opal 3L panel compositions. 
The Folio Opal 3L panels, installed suspended, adjacent and consecutive, circumscribe the common areas of the campus and backlight the perforated wooden layers. 
The shaped Opal 3L panels have custom holes so as not to obstruct the ventilation grilles and various safety systems on the ceiling.